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Strathmore Square meet robert mojo

Five Squares Developing pairs with our own Robert Mojo with an ambitious endeavor to recycle a decommissioned subway car. Creatively slicing the subway car into seven sections and turning them into kiosks allowing for local businesses to offer their services to transit commuters generating income for the community. Ron Kaplan of Five squares, can be credited for masterminding the plan and selecting a paramount in creativity and determination to exact the plan seamlessly. Thats where Mojo and his team tirelessly carved the subway car into smaller sections to be placed at the Strathmore Square in Bethesda, Maryland. Despite temperatures exceeding 90 degrees the retail pop-up ribbon cutting was held on Wednesday, May 17th 2017 successfully drawing a huge crowd. The commuters and community alike all seemed to enjoy the new use of space.  

An artist who is best known for breathing new life into discarded remains Mojo took on this project with enthusiasm and gusto. With tons of scrap from the train's underbelly Mojo went on to create a sculpture with the leftover aluminum and spare parts soon to be on display with WMATA. Provided below are links to some of the media coverage that the project brought about.



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